The 30 year old virgin

Munich, Germany around 10 pm in the subway. Before I was at a Buddha house meditating for 2 hours and felt like high on drugs. At the Buddha house I admitted in front of all participants that I do not have a lot of experiences with women and lived without any for the last 4 years. Irony because now I’m in the subway staring at this super beautiful brunette. She does not look back. I cannot help myself. Her leggins are so tight and hot. I didn’t have sex in 4 years at that point and was basically exploding. Finally she looks back and we hold eye contact. Jackpot I think. I walk over and sit down next to her. Pretty close next to her. After about one minute I put my arm around her. She’s confused and I feel like a bold motherf*#cker. I ask her out. She’s not sure. Phone number? Not sure either. She wants to take my number. I type it in and click on call. Sneaky.
I need to call her like 3 times to convince her to come on a date with me. We meet. In a bar we order drinks. I try to kiss her but am so nervous that I nearly throw the table over. She rejects my attempt. Obviously. Ok I think. Now you fucked it up anyhow. I try to kiss her again this time more smoothly. She has big juicy lips. We make out. I was fucking scared to kiss her. But that’s why I did it! We go for a walk. We passed a subway station and I thought to myself why not take her home directly. No man, it’s too quick. I bitch out and go for a walk instead.
We meet for a second time. I wanna take dancing lessons. I reserved to spaces but realize it’s the wrong day. Shit. Spontaneous I look for an alternative location. We grab a drink again. We make out again. Fuck it. I take her home. At home I’m relatively calm even though inexperienced with women. I start making out with her and get her undressed. She says she’s a virgin. 30 year old muslim woman from tunisia. Because of her religion she stayed a virgin and would continue to stay one that night.
At least I get a blowjob but she rejects my attempts to go further.
If there’s one lesson learned here it’s: If you’re scared of kissing her or initiating body contact, do it!
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