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Arthur Faulstroh
Honesty and emotional openness is the quickest way to find the women that are right for you.
Arthur Faulstroh

About Author

Hi my name is Arthur and for the majority of my life I was widly unsuccessfull with the ladies. Each night I either drove home from university, work or a night out and saw all the happy couples around me while I felt lonely and depressed. Blaming life and praying to god were all strategies I used to escape my mysery. But you know what? It helped nothing. No matter how often I was beating myself in the shower or cried alone at night it all had the same result nothing changed. Then I discovered PickUp and soon found myself approaching everything around me that seemingly was in the possesion of a vagina. Possesion is good because I obsessed about sex and relationships and thought they were the one all cure for my deep seated neediness for affection. Then I discovered some helpfull literature namely ,,No more Mr. Nice Guy” by Dr. Robert Glover and ,,Models” by Mark Manson and soon started seeing results. Now I want to help you with the knowlegde I collected.


My first real girlfriend

Aside from the relationships I had when I was 12 (actually had a couple of girlfriends back then) I never found a real girlfriend exept to this date.


Broke a dry spell

First time I had sex after 4 years of jerking of three times a day. Not a bad accomblishment.


Started the business

Started coaching men on how to approach women and become more attractive by being radically honest.


First YouTube Video

My legendary first video where I speak about shame and experiences with prostitutes right on the first day of the new year. Speaking of new year resolutions.

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