My first relationship.

As you can see on the authors page I recently committed myself into the first serious ,,adult” relationship since I was 12. For your information I am 24 so I had a rather late start. I met my girlfriend 2 months ago in a Meetup group in a bar at night-time. First, I hit on another woman that was sitting next to her. I wanted to talk to her, but she was hard to reach due to the woman next to her. I hit on her girlfriend in a rather uninhibited fashion. That meant touching her early and often in the conversation. I tried to kiss her after two minutes. For all the radical feminist assholes out there, who call me sexist and whatever. Now it’s time to fuck off because it doesn’t get any better. Anyhow. With this woman simply no success. Then I invited her out for coffee and got rejected again. Just when I wanted to give up, I went to the toilet I came across a woman that I found very attractive, and we had eye contact. First, I said to myself no your good you don’t need to talk to her. But I pushed myself and chatted her up. I touched her very early, and we had a very high level of attraction for each other. I tried to kiss her after one minute as well and failed again. Good I thought to myself. Let’s use the classic PickUp strategy and isolate her from her friends. I asked her if she wants to join me for a drink at the bar downstairs. She said sure. After another two minutes we were making out. Then we had a deeper conversation. I was extremely honest with her and told her everything from the fact that I live with my mom and am unemployed to my sexual fantasies about her in the moment. Yeah, there’s no room for small talk when you tell a woman that you are fantasising about stimulating her orally in the moment. You know what? She loved the honesty. And we ended up in a relationship. We had a couple of dates and actually waited pretty long until we had sex, but the wait was absolutely worth it! Especially since I was very inexperienced it was the right thing to do. Now we had our first fight. It was about sharing intimate details about our sex life. So it’s a good thing I am writing this article now. To be honest now I am a bit confused what you can share about another person without hurting their personal privacy to much but maintaining your integrity as well. In this article I am rather careful because it’s the internet. However, with my friends I share every detail about my sex life even if it includes her and I also think that’s fine. I will not share my favourite sex positions at this point sorry guys. The conflict I have with her is the same I have with pretty much everyone who is close to me. I have to say that I really understand. I can empathize with everything. Sure, people do not want private details about them exposed. I’m the same. But I think it’s a very unhealthy attitude to hide things about yourself. That’s because people hide things because they are ashamed. But that makes everything worse. Once you hide something about yourself you just told yourself that it’s a shameful thing which makes you feel worse about yourself. So, I would rather expose myself to the world. That’s also the second the world and other people lose their power over you. That’s just my experience and I’m sure it’s not for anybody.

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