Dating & Life Coaching

Find out more below about what we offer for your personal transformation. All of the coachings are based on intense psychological research regarding personal development and real life experience.

Online Dating Coaching

3 months of intense personal support online. We have weekly Zoom meetings of 90 minutes where we develop an action plan for you that actually works. Then we carry out that action plan in real life.
Topics include:
Becoming more attractive by being radically honest, developing a social circle that is fun and that you enjoy, releasing your feelings of shame & fear, elimination of the "Nice Guy Syndrome" so you stop ending up in the friend zone & end up dating the women you want instead of being their friend, developing yourself into a high status and high value man that can meet and seduce women without thinking about it, you will learn how to approach women, when to ask them out & when to kiss them/sleep with them.
Schedule a time below and we will talk about whether that's the right solution for you.
(Price: $2100 (USD) / 3 monthly payments of $700 (USD))

Online Life Coaching

This coaching is designed for a broader variety of issues.
Topics Include:
Improving your social skills, facing your fears, releasing your shame, openly communicate your needs and wants through radical honesty, communicating and asserting what you really want in your relationships, learning how to handle social vulnerability, improve your communication skills, build confidence & self-worth, heal emotional wounds & childhood trauma, learn to effectively communicate your feelings.
Furthermore we can work on building an Online Business/Online Income and or a career that you actually like.
Schedule a time with me below and we will figure out if this is the right option for you.
(Price: $2100 (USD) / 3 monthly payments of $700 (USD))

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