Are balding men less attractive?

I can remember when I started going bald. Like any man, who experienced hair loss will confirm, it fucked with my confidence and self-esteem.

When my hair line started going back at the age of about 17 the whole school bus would sing: “Arthur needs a hair cure with me sitting silent and close to tears”. So for people out there making fun of balding men: Stop being an asshole. Develop some empathy for the person.

I thought it would make me less attractive. And fair enough studies actually show that balding men are perceived less attractive on average. 

So… Next ticket to Istanbul? Not so fast.

Studies also show that completely bald men are actually seen as attractive to women, in some cases even more attractive than men with full hair. The clue here is that you need to shave it off. Like Prince William probably isn’t the best role model.

Prince William probably doesn’t get pussy because of his awesome hair cut.

It seems like the more visible your balding is (the longer the more visible, just as a hint) the less attractive women will rate the man. That’s also why for example black men can pull the balding off better (it’s less visible because of the dark skin).

So gather the razor and get them hairs off quickly brother…

Good old Vin Diesel does it right.

There’s hope. If you have the confidence to go completely bald you will actually look decent. Especially if you take care of your grooming and are in decent shape you can look very attractive despite being bald.

Enough of the victimization…. Oh women don’t like me because I am bald… (I am guilty of this too). Even if it would make you less attractive to women (it doesn’t if you shave it off). Everybody is born or develops imperfections throughout life. Ask someone in a wheelchair if he would trait his disability for your baldness. He would probably do that any day of the week. The cure for victim mentality is gratitude.

Also: Nobody wants a perfect partner. EVERYBODY has dozens of imperfections and in many cases you can work on it.

Like do you remember those nerds from high school who suddenly look amazing? Exactly. Looks can be transformed.

After having lived with this issue for some time now, I have developed some confidence in being bald. I recommend you do the following to get to the same point:

    1. Train like crazy (Don’t talk to me again before you have a six-pack)
    2. Wear nicer clothes than ever before 
    3. Shave it off now 
    4. Have empathy for yourself. Nobody is perfect. If you cannot have empathy for yourself know that I do.

If you have checked off all these boxes and you still feel like shit ok. But probably you will feel better after checking the reality, that it does not affect your attractiveness as much as you think. If you don’t believe me, google it.

And finally if you believe that you will be so much more attractive with hair, well there are MANY options available to make a change. I will probably go to Istanbul at some point to get hair transplantation (if that still works for me when I have the money).

No need to cry about baldness. Now go buy a razor.

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