A message of hope to young men

Dear young men, 

As a young man you were never greatly appreciated by society. 

In fact until recently you were used as cannon fodder in every war you can think of. 

As a thank you radical feminism in the 60’s started saying women are oppressed and dominated by a patriarchal society. 

During the same time a crueling number of young men with an average age of 19 died in the Vietnam war. 

60 years later Hilary Clinton would publicly state that women are the major victims of war because they lose their sons and husbands. So we have men dying in war but women are the victims.


In more or less the same time period Donald Trump became president. 

Shortly after Andrew Tate started taking over the internet. 

This is confusing…

Are Donald Trump and Andrew Tate supposed to be the new role models, the heroes, of a masculinity revolution in the western world? 

I don’t believe so and here’s why.

Donald Trump and Andrew Tate are an extreme response by an extremely villainized gender. 

Young men are sick of being called toxic for simply being sexual and assertive human beings. 

Because no matter what they do they are not only not appreciated, no they are called toxic for it. 

Let me tell you this:

Despite all of these social and cultural messages, it’s your duty and responsibility to stand up and still become a hero.

The way there is not by becoming aggressive like Andrew Tate. A guy who is beating up innocent men for posing on his Bugatti.

It’s quite the opposite. It’s to become a kind person who is capable of self defense but who is standing up for the right things. 

A person who does those things despite having every reason to become evil.

It’s certainly not cruel violence towards people who carelessly touch your car. 

It’s standing for truth in the moments when everybody else tells you to lie. 

It can be putting your ass on the line for things like approaching a woman at the work place despite the fact that you might get fired. 

It can mean rescuing a woman who screams for help while you walk by.

These things make you a hero. 

Looking death and evil straight in the eye and not backing down.

I have dedicated my life to self improvement for 3 years now. 

I managed to attract beautiful and caring women this way. 

I managed to start a business that I love and that slowly generates more and more profit.

It made me a more honest and courageous person. 

And the more I do this stuff the more I surprise myself with the potential that is locked inside of me. 

This is my message to you: 

It’s time to face those fears. It’s time to look the danger and cruelty of other people in the eye and still go for the thing that you believe to be right. 

Do it now. I got you brother. Trust me it’s worth it. 

See you on the other side of fear.

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